Why should you buy a 4×4?

4x4s often have the reputation of being a little excessive and expensive, but there’s a reason why they remain popular. Yes, they look sexy and sporty (well, some!), but they’re definitely more than that. If your current vehicle is on its last legs, and if you’re still on the fence on a 4×4, then make sure to find out our top 5 reasons why some of us still veer towards one.

Better traction = better control

When driving, traction is what keeps you on the road and in control of your vehicle. Losing traction can lead your car to aquaplane when the road is wet, which happens often in this tropical country. With 4×4 vehicles, you get control across all 4 wheels, and you’re likely to handle the vehicle better even though weather conditions might be less than ideal. This alone makes it worth it to invest in a 4×4 like this 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak..

See how water just glides off those wheels! Source.

Check out our Ford Rangers starting from RM83,500.

More room for your stuff

Space comes at a premium when it comes to cars. And when it comes down to deciding how much space you need, you’ll need to balance the needs of the engine, various amenities, and passenger comfort on top of storage. So those who want the extra space without compromising any of that may choose a 4×4. Equipped with a deck, many 4x4s have a surplus of space that very few cars can only achieve with all their seats down. Not to mention those who like adrenaline or just being out in nature will appreciate the space to put their dirt bikes or camping equipment without having to dirty their car’s interior.

You can put all kinds of things in there! Source.

A good example of a 4×4 with ample deck space is the Nissan Navara, with 1189 litres of room to put nearly anything under the sun. You can get your own Navara from RM79,000!

Off road power

Just outside the metropolises is a vast untamed wilderness waiting to be explored by those daring enough. How else can one explore it in a vehicle but in a powerful 4×4? By providing power to all four wheels, 4x4s can navigate rough, off road terrain with ease. Whether you are looking to go off road because of your job or simply just for fun, a 4×4 like the Mitsubishi Triton will be great as you cross rivers and climb muddy banks!

The Mitsubishi Triton will take you where you need to go. Source.

If you are looking for a Mitsubishi Triton to call your own, you can check out our listings starting from RM58,500!

Better visibility

A tall car allows you to see more than a short car. Simple right? The advantages height provides translates into better situational awareness, allowing you to react to changes and events happening on the road. For instance a traffic light may be blocked by the cars in front of you, leaving you guessing when you might get to move. A 4×4 provides the added height to see over the other cars.

Look how much higher the Hilux is! Source.

One good option is the Malaysia famous Toyota Hilux! Ride in your own High-luxury 4×4 starting from RM91,800!

Complete the look

If you are a sporty outdoors person and want your car to match your attitude, a 4×4 will certainly do the trick! Any of the above rugged 4x4s will certainly match your adventurous personality! Be it a Ranger or a Hilux, you just need to find the right one for you in our extensive inventory. And hey, there’s no law stating you can’t get a 4×4 for their looks itself – even if you aren’t a sporty person!

Look at that sexy outdoors car. Source.

Regardless of whichever reason you are looking for a 4×4, there is certainly one for you! You can browse our inventory and see if there is something you like. If you are looking for something more suited for families, you can check out this article on family cars!

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