The best 6 cars for students

Students around the world are united by one singular experience: being broke. So when it comes to getting a car, college students generally want 3 things: affordability, reliability, and cost-saving. This translates into a low-maintenance, low-cost, sturdy, and fuel-saving car. Based on these criteria, we chose a list of the best 5 cars for students on the market.

Perodua Axia (from RM22,900)

Perodua Axis, myTukar
Drive home this myTukar Certified 2020 Perodua Axia E 1.0 MT for RM262 a month!

Starting off with the most budget-friendly car, the Perodua Axia is one of the best-selling cars in the country. It’s  It is, also, the smallest, which explains the extremely low 4.5m turning radius! In the small and manoeuvrable Axia, new drivers can make turns around curbs and pillars without issue. This small size also means less to move, meaning this hatchback sips fuel at 27km per litre. The Axia also has low maintenance costs, at RM2,779 over 5 years.

ASEAN NCAP has given the Axia a 4-star rating, equipped with up to 6 airbags, traction control, and an anti-lock braking system.

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Perodua Myvi (From RM35,000)

Perodua Myvi, myTukar
Buy this myTukar Certified 2018 Perodua Myvi AV 1.5L for only RM524 a month!

Affectionately called the King of the Road, the Perodua Myvi can be spotted on every road in the country in 1.3L and 1.5L variants. First launched in 2005, the hatchback quickly became a national favourite because of how fuel-saving it is, travelling up to 22km per litre! Easy and cheap to maintain

New drivers will also be glad that the Myvi’s minimum turning radius is a rather small 5.1 metres. This would make the likelihood of hitting curbs or scrapping pillars a little lower. Being a small hatchback does have its drawbacks, with a smaller boot with 277 litres of space. You could fold the seats down to get a total of 832 litres to bring items home when the semester ends.

When it comes to safety, the Myvi is top of the line. Receiving a 5-star NCAP rating with a whole host of safety features like front and side airbags, anti-lock braking system and traction control. The only thing missing is a dashcam.

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Proton Iriz (From RM28,000)

myTukar, Proton Iriz
This myTukar Certified 2019 Proton Iriz Premium CVT 1.6L can be yours for only RM409 a month!

Although less fuel-saving than her Perodua counterpart at 6.6 litres per 100km, it is certainly far more affordable. The Perodua Iriz starts at RM28,000, making it a far more affordable hatchback. All variants boast a small 5-metre turning radius and come with standard Proton driving quality: stable and smooth. New drivers will be able to appreciate the stability and comfort the Iriz provides, whether they choose the 1.3L or 1.6L variant.

The Iriz also comes with a full 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating, fully equipped with front and side airbags, ABS, and electronic stability control.

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Proton Saga (From RM28,800)

myTukar, Proton Saga
Drive home this 2019 Proton Saga Standard VVT 1.3L for RM327 a month.

The first sedan on this list, the Proton Saga is also Malaysia’s first local car. Launched in 1985, the Saga has gone through many rounds of modernisation, giving us the car we see today. As a sedan, it has a much larger boot space than the previous cars at 420 litres.

Despite the Saga being a sedan, the impressive 5.1-metre turning radius will certainly be appreciated by students. The Saga’s 1.3-litre engine is also decently fuel-efficient at 15km/l.

Coming in with a decent 4-star ASEAN NCAP rating, the Saga is a safe car. The most advanced models come with front and rear parking sensors, reverse cameras, electronic stability control and brake assist.

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Perodua Bezza (From RM34,300)

myTukar, Perodua Bezza, cars for students
Drive home this 2016 Perodua Bezza X 1.3L for RM394 a month.

The nation’s best-selling car, the Perodua Bezza is perfect for students. Starting at RM34,300, this is a truly affordable sedan. Coming in 1.0-litre and 1.3-litre engines, the Bezza can travel up to 22km/l with eco-idle on. This makes the Bezza equivalent to the Myvi in fuel consumption.

The Bezza also has an impressive turning radius of 5 metres flat. This makes it the sedan with the most manoeuvrable sedan on this list! Coupled with its big boot, all 508L of it, the Bezza is also suited for moving to a new city to start a new chapter of your life at university or going home at the end of the term. This massive boot is also what makes it a favourite of Grab drivers which students can become to have a source of income.

Read more: How to be a Grab driver.

When it comes to safety, Perodua delivers. The Bezza was given a 5-star rating by ASEAN NCAP. Not surprising given the plethora of safety systems like an anti-lock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), traction control, and vehicle stability control.

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Nissan Almera (From RM34,900)

myTukar, Nissan Almera
Drive home this Nissan Almera for RM383 a month.

The only non-Malaysian car on his list, the Nissan Almera is also the highest-tech car here. Equipped with a surfeit of systems like a tyre-pressure monitoring system that tells you when tyre pressure does not meet the requirement to high beam assist that turns off high beam when it detects a car.

This high-tech car can also save you a pretty penny with its 1.5-litre engine that goes 21.5km per litre. Every Almera is also equipped with a spacious 490-litre boot that Is perfect for carrying all sorts of items. Throw in a 5.3-metre turning radius, the Nissan Almera is a pretty well-rounded car. Throw in the fact that the Nissan Almera has low cost maintenance, it truly is a great student car.

The Almera also does not skimp out on safety with its 4-star ASEAN NCAP rating. Equipped with an anti-lock braking system and electronic brake assist, you can be sure the Almera will stop when you need it to.

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And there you have it! 6 affordable, safe, and fuel-saving myTukar Certified cars for students that are As Good As New! The good news is, if you drive an older car, why not trade it in for better value? But be sure to book your dream car before it is snatched up by someone else!

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